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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Return of Summer

It's never felt so good to sit still, to let the deep exhale send spasms down my spine. I'm home now, amongst friends and familiar sights, and yet things are different. The air is thick with creative expression and it feels good to have it fill my lungs. I can't begin to explain what happened with Twisted Village, not yet, so I will wait on that until my head has settled a little bit more. But why dwell on the past, even when the past is glorious? Now is now and it's picking up momentum. Solstice is my focus and I'll be putting updates on here as things develop. I danced myself to damage at the party following Twisted Village and have been spending the last couple of days hobbling wildly around the house here at 435. I guess it is good to have to slow down every now and then. Luckily I have plenty of ways to stay up to speed, not missing a single beat between finishing up TV and getting things rolling for Solstice. The law of the conservation of energy applies even to our imaginations :).

Friday, March 19, 2010

So many, so litte

I've been thinking about this blog, and I will indeed get around to disclosing those thoughts. But for now just know that I haven't forgotten it, I'm just creating the inspiration that fuels it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Love you Chicago, but I gotta get to know LA first.

I've been a handful of different places in the last couple months and now here I am in Chicago. Random? Yes indeed. By all means I shouldn't really be here, based on my bank account at least. Which leads me to thinking I need to jump ship before I've even gotten into bed with the windy city, beautiful though she may be. I road tripped out here just yesterday with Ekahn to move good all Queen Bess across the country and damn, there is a lot of corn between home and here. So now that I'm here I realize that I can't sustain this, I've gotta get back home and regroup! That's exactly what I think I'm going to do. Catch a train home and make my way back to LA, with a mind for spending some more time in SB's big sister city. How is it that I've been jerking around in SB for so long without taking more trips to the land of big movies and even bigger attitudes? I mean come on. So that's the game plan, head home and explore the closer country, find that little club scene that lives just south of my quiet beach town.

There is a dog staring at my crotch right now, should I be offended? Oh wait no there is a ball placed between my legs, that must make it all okay. Damn do I want a dog! Except that everyone I tell that to looks at me like I'm nuts. Come on, how hard can it be?

Anyways, I have no insight into Chicago. I've spent a total of 2 hours out on the town, a combination of both no money and no idea where I am. Lame excuses but I'm still trying to grab a little mid-western footing. I did look around Division St. though and whoa! Beautiful people and rad looking shops. Plenty of food and tons of music venues! To quote the good CA governor, "I'll be back."

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Make home of the road, but don't make the road your home.

I've just arrived in Portland, I feel tired. I have no funds to speak of, which doesn't bother me, at least I think it doesn't. It is difficult to tell for sure though. I don't mind not having, I just don't like to not being able to be doing things because of that lacking. Pshhhhhh, I'm being silly.

My last few weeks have been full of adventure. It all started with a crazy group of musicians by the name of HumanLab. The swept through SB one night while I was pedicabbing and I left with them the very next day, playing mandolin in their band. We stormed up to SLO and Santa Cruz, meeting and staying with awesome people along the way. When we turned back around I ventured with them all the way to Huntington Beach, their home base, before we struck out once more through the south coast making it all the way up to San Francisco. I decided that I needed to get off the van at this point because A. I didn't really feel like heading all the way back to Huntington, which was their plan and B. I had make a pact with myself saying that I was going to go to Oregon, and I can't lie to my heart. Conveniently my friend Lauren was celebrating her 21st birthday in a short time so I spent the next few days hanging with her before taking part in a wild night of limo riding and complimentary bar drinks. I got a bunch of make up put on for the event, amazing the response you can get from a little orange eye shadow. The day after the party I met up with Maria, my newly found traveling buddy for the trip up to Portland. Maria has taught me many things so far, one being that coops are awesome and another being that dual tandem bikes can be frightening. Together we made our way around SF on a 'ghost tour' and hopped on a ferry to get over to Larkspur to meet up with our ride north. Kory, our driver to be, and his girlfriend Sasha were a fantastic couple. After we'd had a couple of beers at the local brew pub we went back to their place at which point they launched into an extremely long winded debate of Atlas Shrugged. She loves it, he hates it; it was a beautiful thing. On the ride up, Kory, Maria and I were joined by a man who I have decided to call God Man but was actually named Brett. He earned his title by relating every story topic to an experience with God, impressive if you think about it. Other than that the ride wasn't unusually eventful, though it was long. After 9 hours of being car bound we pulled up in front of Emma's haunted love mansion in Portland and made our way in and onto the couch. Kory continued on to Seattle do his business type stuff but Emma, Maria, and I rallied ourselves for a 4 mile round trip dumpster hunt. Come on guys! The pizza is on the house!

As I have just said aloud to my house mates, I'm a bit antsy. Is it the result of hours of cardom? Or is it something else, hard to say really. What am I doing up here one might ask? I don't know. There are some mandolin lessons I'm interested if I can find a little money. There are also harmony singing classes that sound like a lot of fun if I can only find the funds. Lets walk all the way out on the limb and bring to light the bar tending school I would like to attend for a couple weeks. One day I will learn what it means to plan ahead, until then I'll just keep doing what I do.

If anyone has any Portland adventure that they'd like to hear/see lived out, do tell me about it and I'll get right on it as I have plenty of time. Hopefully some of the upcoming stories shall included playing the streets of Portland, hitting up the Oregon Country Fair and the High Sierra Music Festival, and moving into an attic here at the haunted love mansion. Keep it incredible.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Another day at the office

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Friday, May 22, 2009

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Yes that is a penis

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

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